She loves to Serve, Empower, Equip and Develop individuals, communities, organizations and homes where relationships are at the forefront!  She coaches/speaks to harmonize, synchronize, individuals and teams which allow them to thrive cohesively! Through 1:1 sessions, team building, and corporate presentations your desire to grow is her priority!

  • St. Louis native, born and raised in the City of St. Louis
  • St. Louis Public Schools
  • Wife, mother of three daughters
  • Owner and founder of MrsKeshSpeaks, LLC


Kesha is an Empowerment Speaker, Consultant and Training and Development leader with experience helping corporations large and small find top talent. She works with teams and individuals to get them thinking about the value in connectivity and relationships, along with a mindshift!

She has over 17 years of Human Resources Staffing, Training and Development developing recruiting strategy, training along with developing teams! She is known as an energetic, passionate influencer with an innate ability to grow individuals to their highest potential! Kesha draws individuals in and allows them to grow, develop and builds lasting relationships!

Together Digital’s panel Moderator